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Been A Long Time Classic Rock Band

       2018      Schedule                   .
• Jan 13th, ignorant Owl, Canton.
• March 9th, Nashville Nights.
• April 7th, time out, Windham.
• Apr 14th, Cliffside, Akron.
• April 21st Rush Hours Twinsburg
• May 12th, Pit Stop.
• May 19th  Big Dog Saloon Ravenna
• May 24th, Wing Warehouse, 97.5 night,

   Cuyahoga falls
• June 2nd Rush Hours Twinsburg
• June 9th Cin Dee’s Zeppelin Tribute. Medina
• June 16th, Cliffside, Akron
• July 7th, ridge ranch 4th of July bash,

   Newton falls
• July 21st Big Dog Saloon Ravenna
• August 2nd, Wing Warehouse, 97.5 night,

  Cuyahoga falls
• August 4th, Cliffside, Akron
• August 11th, Round up Lake Summer bash, Mantua
• Sept 1st Rush Hours Twinsburg
• Sept 8th Time Out, Windham
• Sept 15th Ignorant Owl, Canton
• Sept 21st Cin Dee’s Zeppelin Tribute. Medina
• Oct 13th, Time out, Windham.
• Nov 3rd, Cliffside Akron

• Nov 17th Time Out Windham.